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Pacxon Unblocked

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Pacxon Unblocked is an action-packed flash game modeled around the Pacman and Xonix games whose objective is to move around the board filling it with as many blue boxes as possible in order reach the 80% board coverage needed to proceed to the next level. When the game starts, the player is allocated three lives or pacxons which are used to insert squares and rectangles while running around the board. The player must ensure that the ghost does not touch the pacxon or its block path else he loses his life and once all the three lives are lost, the player loses the game. The game Pacxon Unblocked is played by moving the pacxon around the screen using the keyboard’s arrow keys. The player is provided with four power-ups which appear on the screen for short periods and which he can make use of by moving the pacxon over them.

The four power-ups are given below.

· The Yellow ball: a very powerful tool that enables the pacxon to neutralize the ghosts. The more ghosts you kill the better for you and the higher the chances to advance to the higher levels.
· Bananas: This tool slows down the ghosts enabling the player to cover move area on the game board.
· Popsicle: this freezes the ghost temporarily enabling the player to cover more screen area with blocks.
· Cherries: these make the pacxon to move faster covering more screen areas and avoiding the ghosts.

Pacxon Unblocked has a screen that shows the number of lives remaining, the percentage of screen area covered and the scores accumulated so far. The number of ghosts increase as the player progresses to the higher levels making the game more challenging to play. Test your skills with Pacxon Unblocked and expereince this fantastic game.

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